What are wikis?
  • Wikis are groups of web pages that are quick and easy to create, add to, and edit.
  • Wikis can be used to create your own web page, to host an online course (like this one), or to gather and store information about almost any topic.

Workshop activities:
  1. Explore Wikispaces to see how others in education have used wikis in education.
  2. Join Wikispaces, set up your user page, and practice wiki editing. You might try clicking the New Page entry to the left and making a page for yourself. Write about what you're learning today, and practice your wiki editing skills. For ad-free wikispaces go to Wikispaces for Educators or to turn off the ads on an existing wiki go to Manage Space and select Subscription (listed under Space Settings). At the bottom of the window, you will be able to request a complimentary upgrade.> Quick start for Wikispaces
  3. Find a page in Wikipedia to edit. You might start with a page about your hometown or any topic you know a lot about.
    Quick start guide to editing Wikipedia
  4. Think of a way you could use a wiki in your professional or personal life. Click the discussion tab above to add your idea.

Other wiki tools to explore:

Wikis in education - classroom ideas:
  • Class website
  • A set of class notes with different students acting as the “recorder” each day
  • E-portfolios
  • An advance unit organizer that you start and students complete
  • A class study guide (for a book, a unit, a chapter, etc.) to which multiple students or even classes contribute
  • Class-constructed lists of research resources
  • A class newspaper that students contribute to
  • Student-written book review and accompanying discussions
  • A self-guided web experience (lesson, activities, etc.) that students can contribute content to
  • Learning communities that participants build collaboratively

Wikis in education - links:

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