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Social bookmarking

What is social bookmarking?
  • Social bookmarking is a way to store, organize, and search all your Internet bookmarks using tags. Tags are words you choose to describe something.
    For example, this wiki could be tagged with web 2.0, wiki, blogs, social networks, NCCE workshops, HSTI workshops, NECC workshops, Karen Fasimpaur, Becky Hart, etc. With social bookmarking, you can also share your set of bookmarks, either with a small group or with the public at large.
    Social bookmarks are better than old bookmarks in your browser because you can access them from any computer and you can share with others.

Workshop activities:
  1. Watch this video about how to use Delicious. Set up an account in Delicious. Add bookmarks for your favorite sites from this workshop.
    Quick start for Delicious
    Here is the link for re-installing the Delicious buttons after you register. (Make sure you are logged in.)
Video Note: The directions for adding a browser toolbar button have been updated since this video was created. The directions are now found in the Getting Started section on the homepage or in Help. The "Post to Delicious" button is now labeled "tag."
2. Think of a way you could use social bookmarking in your professional or personal life. Click the discussion tab above to add your idea.

Other social bookmarking tools to explore:

Social bookmarking in education:

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  • Social bookmarking in plain English

Shared multimedia

What is shared multimedia?
  • Shared multimedia is a way to share files like photos, music, and videos online. Some Web 2.0 tools even let you create multimedia using browser-based tools.

Workshop activities:
  1. Go to TeacherTube and explore some of the videos that are there. If you register and sign in, you can download these for offline use.
  2. Go to SlideShare and explore some of the presentations that are there. You can download many of these for offline use.
  3. Upload your own photos, videos, or presentations to one of these services or to one listed below.
  4. Think of a way you could use shared multimedia in your professional or personal life. Click the discussion tab above to add your idea.

Other shared multimedia tools to explore:

More resources:

Customized dynamic home pages

What are customized dynamic home pages?
  • Customized dynamic home pages let you create a home page in your browser that is customized with what you want to see. After creating a customize home page, you can add widgets to it. Widgets are little, web-page-embedded programs that do various things. As examples, there are widgets that act as post-it notes, that have your Google feed reader (blogs), bookmarks, news, weather, dictionaries, games, and lots more!

Workshop activities:
  1. Create an iGoogle page. (You will need a Google account to do this, which you should already have.)
    Add at least three widgets to your page. Make sure to include one for Google Reader.
    Quick start for iGoogle
  2. Think of a way you could use a customized dynamic home page in your professional or personal life. Click the discussion tab above to add your idea.

Other customized dynamic home page tools to explore:

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