Document sharing

What is document sharing?
  • Document sharing is a way to create and share word processed documents, spreadsheets, and presentations entirely online. (This can be for your own use; you don't have to share the documents.)
    What's great about this is that you don't have to have any software (like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) installed to your computer, and you can access your documents from anywhere.

Workshop activities:
  1. Sign up for Google Docs. (You have have done this already.)
    Quick Start for Google Docs.
  2. Create your own document (document, presentation or spreadsheet.) This could be something for school or something personal. Last year, I planned a vacation with someone using these tools. Then share the document with someone else in this workshop. (You'll need their email address.) Try editing the document collaboratively and see how it works.
  3. Think of a way you could use document sharing in your professional or personal life. Click the discussion tab above to add your idea.

Other document sharing tools to explore:

Document sharing in education - classroom ideas:
  • Any kind of writing (with feedback)
  • Peer editing
  • Group writing
  • Class notes
  • Group books discussions
  • Science notebooks
  • Collaborative work with a team on a document (grant proposal, tech plan, workshop, etc.)
  • Online surveys or evaluations

More resources:
  • Google Docs in Plain English
  • Google Notebook (This is a tool that lets you keep a scrapbook of web stuff. It's part doc sharing and part social bookmarking.)